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Forensic Expert Services

Family Law

Vocational evaluations can be crucial and influential to marital dissolution cases as well as in the determination of child support and/or support modifications. Midwest VRS serves as an impartial Vocational Expert in such cases and is called upon to evaluate and assess the clients employability and earning capacity. An initial interview is needed to evaluate the clients education, prior work experience and skillset. Various vocational assessments and testing may be required in order to determine the individual’s future vocational capacity and probability of success in the current job market.

Social Security Disability
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Midwest VRS serves as a company that has been approved to provide impartial Vocational Expert testimony for the Office of Hearing Operations for the Social Security Administration. In addition to providing these services, our Vocational Counselors can assist attorney’s with documenting the effects of a claimant’s impairments and how it impacts their ability to perform gainful work activity. We offer a medical records file review of the claimant’s limitations and/or impairments presented by the treating physician and based on the information provided an employability assessment is created.

Veteran's Disability 

A veteran is entitled to receive 100% Total Disability Individual Unemployability disability rating if he/she can establish that their service-connected disability precludes him/her from obtaining or maintaining substantial gainful employment. Our Vocational Experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment which includes an in-depth review of all medical records to determine how the Veteran’s medical and/or psychological impairment causes an impediment to their employability.

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