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Career Counseling

In a Meeting
Job Skills Assessment

By assessing and developing the client's present skills we explore additional skills that would be attractive and suitable for the career of the client’s choice. This is done by conducting a diagnostic interview and evaluating the client’s skills and abilities.

Resume Services

Our resume services are designed to present and position our clients in the best light to prospective employers. We tailor make each resume to highlight the client's unique personality, their qualities, education, training expertise and their most marketable skills.

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Career Counseling

During our career counseling sessions with our clients, we utilize this time to get to the know the client. Beyond the initial intake interview, we dive in to gain a greater understanding of who the client is as a person. Having this understanding will better guide and assist the client along a career path that best fits their personality, interests, goals and needs.

Career Transitioning

Counseling and coaching is needed during career transitioning as well. During this time we work with our clients to help them to transition from their current career role to their career of interest. We provide a roadmap and career pathway with checkpoints which will highlight the various milestones along the way to ensure that the client meets their personalized career goals.

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