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Midwest VRS provides employment services for individuals with disabilities to help them achieve their employment goals.  We offer hands-on employment placement services and our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the support and guidance necessary to retain and maintain employment.

Vocational Adjustment Training​
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Job Placement

Job Placement is an employment service that provides you with assistance in securing competitive employment the following assistance:

  • Online and offline job search training 

  • Resume creation and job reference training

  • Interview training and preparation

  • Preparation for the first day of work

The work that we will search for must be permanent, integrated and competitive in nature based on the customers choice. 


Job Coaching & Supported Employment

Job Coaching and Supported Employment are employment services for customers that may need more training and support on the job than what is typically provided by an employer. This on-the-job support is goal oriented and seeks to:

  • Teach skills

  • Reinforce specific skills

  • Create or develop workplace accommodations to increase the customers independence

  • Assist with solving work related matters to ensure employment success


Vocational Adjustment Training

Vocational Adjustment Training service prepares our customers for a successful competitive work setting. This service is provided in a classroom setting with group activities and community projects.  Our trainings enable students to:

  • Develop skills for work and community success

  • Identify work related strengths, interests and abilities

  • Identify career paths that match skills and interest

  • Develop skills to obtain and maintain competitive employment


Environmental Work Assessment

 Environmental Work Assessment is a tool that assesses how an individual will respond to variables in a work environment.  The results from the assessment will identify workplace variables that may affect an individuals ability to perform in certain work settings.

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